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AM-2201 is a strong synthetic weed (CB) that has been identified in smoking mix. The physiological and toxicologic properties of this compound aren’t identified. AM-2201 is meant for forensic and analysis applications.



Buy AM-2201

Buy AM-2201 has a reputation in research circles as being the most potent chemical in the cannabinoid class. A full agonist for the associated receptors, it is active in doses as small as 500 micrograms.  This product should be handled with extreme caution to avoid involuntary inhalation. The fact it has such a broad receptor binding profile has made AM-2201 an extremely popular choice among researchers.

The product comes in the form of powder and it is very special for those who know it better. We have been supplying it to many countries.

 AM-2201 Powder

We deal mostly with the powder and it is packed in a special way that suits our clients.  We Also make sure that delivery is discreet and well secured, if you have any questions just contact us.



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